Asset Management

Brandon & Associates offer infrastructure asset management and valuation services to assist clients to efficiently manage their existing assets and comply with legislative requirements.

Our staff are qualified to systematically assess the performance, risks and expenditures of your assets for both short and long-term planning.

With services including infrastructure asset valuations, management plans, digital mapping and surveying, utilising high quality mobile GPS equipment and MapInfo software, we are able to draw on our industry experience and knowledge to address your specific requirements.

Asset Valuations

  • Valuation of existing individual assets and portfolios
  • Asset condition assessment
  • Deficiency reporting and recommendations
  • Derivation of unit costs for road components and infrastructure
  • Management Plans and Registers

  • Asset management plans
  • Asset management registers
  • Development of asset replacement profiles and plans
  • Digital mapping
  • Surveying

  • GPS asset collection and mapping