Water Supply and Sewerage

Brandon & Associates have a proven track record of providing innovative water and sewerage planning and management solutions in all aspects of community infrastructure. We also deliver practical solutions for our clients which meet the increasingly stringent legislative environment.

As part of our commitment to offering a complete solution-based service experience, our water and sewerage team provide, analysis and initial planning to detailed design and preparation of documentation, management and maintenance plans and assistance with applications for government subsidies and licensing.

We take a holistic approach and are able to address water reticulation, sewerage systems, strategic planning, water recycling, on-site treatment and disposal, domestic sanitary drainage and provide operational advice.

Water Reticulation

  • Network analysis including residual pressure and fire department needs
  • Infrastructure planning reports
  • Chemical trace analysis
  • Sewerage Systems

  • Sewerage design and reticulation layout
  • Sewer pump station and rising mains
  • Infrastructure planning reports
  • Water and Sewerage Strategic Planning

  • Total management plans
  • Strategic asset management plans
  • Customer service standards
  • Drought management plans
  • Quality management of drinking water and system plans
  • System leakage management plans
  • Annual performance reports, reviews and audits
  • Funding applications
  • Water Recycling

  • Effluent re-use schemes
  • Recycled water management plans 
  • Operational Advice

  • Operational staff training and team development
  • Routine and scheduled operations
  • Maintenance procedures
  • On-Site Treatment and Disposal

  • Evaluations for on-site effluent disposal
  • Design details for system installation
  • Operation and maintenance programs and procedures
  • Domestic Sanitary Drainage

  • Septic on-site treatment and disposal
  • System operation guidelines
  • Compliance with AS3500 Plumbing and Drainage Standards