Brandon & Associates has been involved with multiple unit developments for various building contractors and private clients aiming to develop the highest density of units on their land for the best possible return on their investment.  Projects generally featured a single-level residential unit with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and garage/parking facilities.

For many of the projects, we were responsible for the building design of site plans, floorplans and elevations.  Town planning services were consulted to lodge MCU Applications for multiple dwelling use.

The varied styles of the residential developments required thorough consideration, including civil design of levels/grades, stormwater drainage for non-worsening effect, structural design of footings/slab, framing, hydraulic design of sanitary drainage and energy efficiency assessments.

One of the challenges of such a diverse project range was achieving the best compromise of dwelling unit density versus practical buildability and liveability to achieve a sound return on investment (sale or rental).    In-depth consultation with relevant stakeholders enabled us to meet the needs of the client.  On many of the projects, we were also able to utilise alternative stormwater attenuation strategies to capture and slowdown rate of release of stormwater to achieve non-worsening effect on Council’s downstream infrastructure.


  • Project Value

    Projects totalling $50M+
  • Client

    Various Building Contractors and Private Developer Clients
  • Location

    South West and Central Qld

(Project Oversight)