2011 REPA Work – $81 Million – Feb 2011 – Jun 2014

1 External Project Coordinator, 3 Internal Project Coordinators & 1 Project Control Officer

Brandon & Associates provided extensive support in delivering the $81 million of restoration works program.  Our responsibilities on this program included detailed civil analysis and design, compilation of specification requirements and contract documentation, tender package preparation and tender assessments, procurement of materials and resources, contract management, construction inspections and supervision, extensive liaison with the Queensland Reconstruction Authority, acquittal reporting and full project management.

During this event, WDRC and Brandon’s had to carefully manage resource allocation due to the shortage of suitably experienced civil contractors generated by development of the resource industry.  Brandon’s staff utilised their excellent communication and attention to detail whilst managing the quality of works delivered by stretched contractors; and identifying concurrent or future resource projects which would supersede flood restoration.

2013 Betterment & REPA$65 Million – Jan 2013 – Jun2015

1 External Project Coordinator, 4 Internal Project Coordinators & 1 Project Control Officer

This saw an increase in our support to WDRC, due to the increased reporting requirements imposed by QRA.  During this event, Brandon & Associates became highly involved with Council’s finance system (Authority), and was tasked with all monitoring and reporting of their $65 million flood reconstruction program.  Brandon & Associates staff produced construction schedules, programs, civil design and acquittal documentation.

We were also able to achieve added value for our client when tasked to create a series of ‘Business Case’ projects.  These projects combined approved REPA works and Council contributions to achieve long continuous road upgrades to the WDRC network over extended lengths of road, rather than short, isolated sections.  As well as our support with managing external contractors, Brandon & Associates staff were utilised to manage Council’s own internal construction teams.  This integrated approach allowed WDRC to deliver their flood program ahead of schedule, under budget and fully complying with QRA’s requirements.

 2014 REPA Works –$6 Million – Mar 2014 – Ongoing

1 Project Control Officer

This $6 million flood flowed on immediately after the completion of the 2013 event.  With the structures and tools developed during the 2013 event, WDRC were confident a drastically smaller team could deliver the works.  This involved a single Brandon’s staff member controlling all facets of the program.  Other Brandon’s staff undertook RPEQ inspections on an ‘as required’ basis.

A particular challenge during this event was that initially WDRC were not approved for reimbursement of Day Labour.  Therefore, during programming, Brandon’s staff delayed commencement of several key projects which would have benefited from council workforce reconstruction.  In the meantime, together with QRA, staff successfully put together several reports to the Federal and State government and received the approval.

We believe Brandon & Associates provided a quality service to WDRC and as such, continued to contracted to provide support for their 2014 REPA program.

Our team can be adjusted to suit all scope sizes and delivery methods

Our experience with QRA over multiple events offers our client Councils/Road Authorities confidence

We aim to assist Councils/Road Authorities to minimise the financial and social impacts on the community

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